Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stupid Ashley Cole!!!

bodoh! bodoh! bodohh!! Really.. bodoh!!!
Honestly, if you can't stay close to the post.. don't bother at all!!!
I am so pissed!!
Didn't anyone see how Ashley Cole let those two goals in TWICE?!!
Sia sia Gerrard kasik gol
that second time! MORON!!
So frustrating!! All those while stressing out and all those talk about the "jinx", England just couldn't manage to beat Sweden again! Man!!!

Okay.. obviously I make a pretty good hooligan here, eh?
I mean.. England has qualified for the next round even before the match.
But really.. Ashley Cole INFURIATES me!!!

So next match, against Ecuador on June 25th!
Man, if England plays like crap again..... I might just need to switch teams!
(this is of course a lie! I can't imagine rooting for another team. Although I am slightly keen on Holland. hahha! But nooo.. My loyalty sticks with England..)

website here!!
"Don't be a loony, just get over the Rooney
if he can't break 'em, we'll put our trust in Beckham
we got the Gerrard, we also got the Lampard
let's make it easy like Cole also rhymes with gooal!"

Hahha! Definitely my current theme song. (I'm sure the Cole they meant were Joe Cole and NOT Ashley Cole.. the git! - ohh why does he have to be a Sagi?!)


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