Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Odd, isn't it?

Most people would be excited to come home after a while spent outside the country. Not me. Why, eh? Feels... wrong!
And Dida just couldn't wait for her turn to get back home. I wish I was glued to this part of the country instead! Man! How messed up is that??

Anyways, I asked Muz earlier where did the luv letter I sent her came from..
Did you know that the British stamp is the only stamp that does not state the country of origins? It's because in the 18-something, it was the Brits who had invented stamps and everyone else hasn't got any!
So.. no point of telling where it's from, right?

Boring day, today. Well, it wasn't really as I was living through it, but it's going to sound boring if I write about it now.

Ohh, we watched The Omen. It was.. well.. It's, sad. A bit sad, I think! I know that he's the Devil's son and everything.. but what's the point, really? Ohh I don't know.. I couldn't possibly understand how evil works! It's just too.... evil! heehee.
It's great that Dida had seen the old version. She told me exactly what's going to happen next while we were watching the film - which was great! So I wasn't so scared watching the whole thing. Funny thing, some people (girls, o'course!) screamed at some parts of the film and I was quickly reminded of Malaysian cinemas. ekkekeke!
Guess things don't change much no matter which part of the world you're in.


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