Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Cup.

.. Just next week!! woohoo!!
Then we'll all start seeing football, eating football, sleeping football! Really looking forward to that!
I just remember the last time when it's all the telly was showing! CRAZY!! But the thought of it just brings back fond memories somehow. heehee.

As a typical sucker, I'll support England as usual! - No matter how people kept saying that their chance of winning are slim. They seemed pretty okay last week in the friendlies. So I'm hoping that they'll go as far.. as they possibly can!

Eh.. okay. Watching this old movie on Net5.. Sleepers?
Very... hummm.. what's the word.. curious.

Heppy Birthday Pa..
and Nani too!!

Sleepers.. was sad!!! The way that there's a "storyteller" along the film was great but it was really sad! I hate how their lives turned. It's.. sad!!


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