Thursday, November 22, 2007

All McLarens are arses.
well, the "famous" ones at least!

I am having a very.. slow, yet constant -- heart attack.
It's an attack to my heart; seeing England play like crap. I need to start rooting for another country! Really.
Really! (I'm trying to convince myself.)
REALLY! (I'm unfortunately.. pathetically, unconvinced.)

I honestly don't know why I am this loyal to the football team that is SO inconsistent. If I hadn't cared as much, I probably wouldn't be this upset. Damn you McLaren! Sacking you right now would be redundant! This is what happens when people just SAY things and not actually DOING it! Stupid, upsetting results!

So EURO will be a boring one next year. I suppose England's inconsistency can be considered as an entertainment to some. I can't quite imagine the idea of watching football without having a real passion for it. You know, it's like eating for the sake of eating.. but it's not at all the food that you like! All the while you were eating, all you could think of was that gorgeous cheese cake you saw and could have had -- but they're SOLD OUT!
hahahha! How's my analogy? I think I did pretty good. heh.

Ah well.. England's defeat.. Might be better now than later!
Expect me to blog about this again once EURO have started. (Imagine.. no BPL, no Champions League, no England!! God!)


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