Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Taik kucing mentah"

Mama celebrated her 53rd birthday yesterday and it was hilarious! I asked Khai (our server for the night) for the complementary brownie for her and he asked for her name to fill the end part of that birthday song, we reckoned. The thing is, our family isn't really keen about this kind of attention -- we'd like the brownie please, but spare the song. So I told Khai that Mama's name was.. "Mama".

Some minutes later, Khai and some other bunch of guys came over with the brownie with candles on top and sang, "..happy birthday to youu, happy birthday to MAMAAA.."
hahahha!! Man, I love that dude! (He's got a reaaaally nice talking-voice; he could repeat my orders all night long and I wouldn't mind.)

Abang Min and the kiddies weren't around due to bad traffic, but we had fun squeezing at the booth. It's always fun when both of my sisters are around. Jokes sounds funnier somehow. I'd like to think that we have a special kind of dynamics; me dishing out the silly, goofy jokes, Dida added a few stuff of her own and Nina completing the story with her elevated sense of vocabulary (being 4 points smarter and all..)

We even teased Mama everytime she lags a bit at grasping our jokes -- she's the youngest daughter among her siblings, after all.

Anyway, that "raw cat poop" was my mom's statement when she saw a particularly wet cat poop in front of Nina's house when we sent her back to Seremban. It was funny, Dida then asked her if she'd seen a cooked cat poop.
Also, last night I got my HRC-tee replacement! I should probably try to re-wash (again and again if I must) my Paris HRC-tee in the hopes of salvaging it. It's been a week, I should be over the sadness right?

It's been a really nice night... I'm loving it.

For the record, I'm now a converted Flock user. I've managed to import all my bookmarks. (Export them into HTML > Import to to bunch them all up without having any repeated links; the bookmarks from Opera and IE > Export them into HTML to Desktop > finally Import the HTML file to Flock's Favorites Manager) Quite the hassle, I don't know if there's any easier way but that's all I could think of and it works! It's not like I have anything else better to do anyway..
But I'm blogging this on the Blogger site -- still easier to include photos with the text.

edited on 3:53 AM.
p.s= I found another good reason to not go and see James Morrison on Live & Loud -- I might just cry and DIE if he performs Better Man. I think that's the only song that ever made me need.. WANT SO BADLY to have a man by my side! (Preferably a man who plays the guitar and sings exactly like JM though..) Pahh! I might change my mind later.. maybe it isn't so bad to cry then die for that, yeah?


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