Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm sorry I lost my brain..

I swear if my hands weren't attached to my arms which are attached to my body, I would've left them at the car's top or the backseat too..
sigh. What a day -- what a night!
I'm grateful that I have fabulous friends; sometimes I wonder what more could I ask for. (Well...)

Ana YMed me around 3PM and told me that we're invited to Bahijah's place for a going-away BBQ for her brother. So I left the house at 4-ish and met up Ana at KL Sentral (thank youu!) before Bahijah picked us up at Kepong station at six.

The spread was awesome, the company was nice, the place was incredible! I spent most of the 10 hours having fun! (There were.. some unfortunate hours where I got cranky and irritated by a particular phone call.)
But my mood picked up and on with more fun when we went to Bahijah's room!

I actually made some new friends while we were fooling around with Bahijah's Mac book.

I arrived home at 4AM and got too tired to write a proper blog entry.. I should probably go to bed right now but I probably won't.
I have to get a start on this thing my dad had asked me to do since Wednesday. I'm probably the master of procrastination. sigh. (I'm sighing too much!)

Thank you sooo much guys! I'm really sorry for all the fuss..

ps: Got my mobile reload Friday morning.


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