Sunday, November 25, 2007

I actually am a pompous prat.

Here's a tip,
if you want to always be in my good grace (not that it's ever necessary), do not take one of those IQ tests.. or at least, NEVER let me know how you'd score! hahahha! It's really horrible, but I have this thing about learning and I get really put-off when I find out that other people scored lower than I.
I'm a little prejudice, you might say.

Awful, right? I'm not even that smart to begin with, barely logical and waaay irrational (obviously), so that little fact is quite disgusting. bluerghh. I don't even know why I'm writing it here.. but just for notes, I am sufficiently weng tonight. hahha!

I should plop myself onto the bed now. I'm going to have an early start tomorrow (wait, I meant today!) and maybe I'll tell you how it went by the end of the day.


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