Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to my emotional roller coaster.

Mood meter today: Two out of ten -- curses!

I was thinking of McFly's The Heart Never Lies and a line got me thinking..
Some people run right into the fire
Some people hide their every desire..

I suppose I'm not really hiding my desires.. but I'm not running into the fire either. I'm more of a spectator of the great fire in front of me.. of things I could become.
Maybe I'm afraid that I'll get burn, but that's just stupid isn't it? How would I know without trying? At least I should take a step forward and feel the heat. I could probably take the heat. I must try. I must.

Curse PMS! And curse headaches!

I found myself admitting today that some of the house-works are pretty therapeutic. Maybe it's the smell of the laundry soap but I simply liked it. Somehow doing these little things made me calm a little. In a way, it's giving me the silent feeling of being blissfully useful. Plus, I have a thing for windows. I have a long list of reasons to LOVE windows -- unfortunately not entirely pleasant, so I won't share with you the list. heh!

My head feels incredibly light right now.. I have no idea how I'm going to stay up for another 5 hours.


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