Monday, November 19, 2007

Flock - The Social Web Browser

I've been trying this new (to me) browser and I am torn.
I love trying something new but it's always hard to change when you're loyal to something.

One obvious cool thing about Flock for me is the fact that I'm writing this entry using the Blog Editor. I don't have to go to Blogger's page to log in to start posting. Blogging is just a click away. Uploading photos are made easy as well! A few clicks with the Photo Uploader and you can upload your photos on either Facebook or Photobucket.
I'm incredibly impressed, but I'm really reaaally comfortable with Opera. I just love the Speed Dial page and the fact that I've made a LOAD of bookmarks in there makes changing now, a hassle. (By the way, if you're using IE or Firefox, you can easily Import your bookmarks/favorites to Flock.)

There are some other things that make Flock a really handy browser.. You should go and find out yourself. Firefox users will find it a very easy transition, I think! As for me... I reckon that I'll stay torn until I get myself a bigger screen. I understand that the icons and tabs are the ones that makes this browser special, but it takes too much space!! This is the same reason why I prefer Opera than Firefox in the first place.

Bluerghh.. I hate being torn over silly stuff.

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