Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of self contradiction.

I suppose this is a follow up to yesterday's entry.

I'd like to say that life is short!
So you should do what you should.. enjoy life if you haven't.. Do something you've never done before.. Jump out of a plane if you must.
I think it is a perfect reason for you to BE yourself; as reckless as it may be.

But I also feel that there is time.. for everything.
So I don't have to do anything TODAY if I don't want to.. Maybe I'm a 'nobody' today but there is time for me to become somebody. That it's okay if I pass up the chance to see James Morrison at the end of this month because surely.. there'll be some other time.

See where I'm going here?
If you haven't been invited before, Welcome to My Sickly Twisted Mind! Be careful with your step, please mind your head.

You could say that I'm pretty laid back if you haven't seen/read me endlessly stressed out about something. I can honestly admit that MY life would've been immensely easier if I don't catch myself contradicting my own every word. I mean, seriously.. how can anyone NOT become crazy when you are highly aware of your EVERY thought?

I mean, really.. if you see me in the streets, I can bet that you wouldn't pick me for the type of person who has a single serious thought in the head. I've been told off too many times for smiling too much or being too comfortable with strangers -- I am kind of.. frivolous.
But once I'm by myself with a pen and paper (or in this case, stationed in front of the laptop) I'll transform into a somewhat different person.

Now, from this very confusing, disorganized and seemingly unnecessary rambling, I find myself roughly concluding that:
my alter ego is a manic depressive philosopher.
This is probably the perfect time for me to blame my zodiac sign for being the half-man, half-horse that it is.


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