Sunday, November 18, 2007

..and the clock stops.

Would you hold it against me,
If I told you that I'm scared?
Would you rub salt onto my wound,
If you found out that I have failed?
And would you leave me if I want you to,
even when you knew that I lied?

I'd wished that you knew me well,
I'd hoped that you knew me at all,
Not much but just enough
to differ the right answers from wrong.

I saw a film that made me think.
Did a bit of reading on that thought.
Then I found myself incredibly... lonely; which was ridiculous because it isn't actually MY feelings. I was more like mirroring something, or someone I'd seen in one moment of solitude. heh! Am I making sense?
Probably not.

I need to keep my imaginations in check.
I have more than enough on my plate to start worrying about something else.

On a lighter note, Israel won against Russia.. *silently cheers for fear of waking up the neighbours while doing a celebratory jig* England better wins the next match now!


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