Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"..You wanted cheese!"

I can't stop thinking about Stardust! hahhaha! It's crazy, isn't it? I suppose I cannot hide it now. I said I adored it.. I think I actually LOVE it! The whole thing makes me kind of.. dreamy. I honestly can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy it.

In an attempt of moving on.. here's a part of my horoscope for today;
I know I said horoscopes are ridiculous but I also said that they're fun to read! Especially when they sound quite rational and doesn't sound too much like fortune-telling (which I don't approve of, or refuse to believe.)

You can open your own doors now, my friend. Don't hold yourself back in any respect. You have a deep sense of faith and purpose that must be acted on today.

Kind of wordy to tell me to stop procrastinating, yeah? hahhaha!

It's funny.. how my entire life is a self-contradiction; of the things I want and don't want, the things I said and actually act on, and the things I hope for and actually believe in.
Maybe I'm overly judgemental of myself. After all,

You are your own worst critic.

Of course I've met some people who can never seem to find a single reason to criticize themselves -- which I find incredible (sorry, I can't stop my sarcasm) but as for me, I can easily find what is wrong with me.
The biggest problem being the fact that I am too rational to be an idealist.

My step forward usually end up as a step backwards.
Maybe it's just in my head.
I believe that some people aren't MEANT to think. (Me being one of those people.) Because I think too much -- and I am not at all trying to be proud of it, because the truth is, my head is constantly contemplating unnecessary things. Like now. Why on Earth am I writing about this right now???

Aaah.. I just don't make sense sometimes. I'm just glad that at least I don't sound too much like a mentally unstable writer on dope. This time.


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