Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The upside to everything.

It feels odd saying that, considering I complaint a lot.. depressed a lot.. yet here I am, seconds away from telling you about an "upside" when going down is what I'm best at.

It seems likely that I will have to miss Mr James Morrison's performance on the Acoustic night of Live & Loud on the 29th. (Saying that actually makes me want to scream. I can't help imagining a bright spotlight on JM sitting on a high stool while the rest of the stage in dark. He strums his guitar and piped out the words to The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore in his incredibly sexy voice. By the chorus I'll resolve to biting my bottom lip as to stop myself from running towards the stage to give him a big freaky-stalker hug. So I sat there quietly, almost in tears as if the song was about me and only me, despite the fact that I've never had a real enough relationship to relate to a strong composition as that. hahhaha!)
I'm a writer.. unfortunately. I have a big imagination.

Although that particular thought made me want to scream, I am saved by the fact that now I won't have to spend over 200 Ringgit to see Rick Price (someone I've never heard before) and Dayang Nurfaizah (she's a good singer.. I'll admit that.) If it's a show of JM and only him.. I WILL scream -- and cry. I am slightly irked by the fact that JM might perform some new song that's going to be in his coming sophomore album (he's started the recording) but you know.. he just MIGHT. I hope that he won't!! HAHHAHHA!!

sigh. It's actually sad to say that I won't be going.. So I'll just confirm that it's LIKELY.
I can't wait for JM to just go home already! I'm now hating the idea that he's coming in the first place while sadness nags in my heart. hahhaha!
I'm going to entertain myself with the idea of getting myself some really nice stuff for my birthday now, since there's that extra money. (I know I should SAVE but heck! Birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge on seemingly unimportant things!)

But this is actually NECESSARY!! It's at the very top of my list. High level of importance. It's the Sony Ericsson Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-85. I need it because the right ear of the earphone that came with my handphone is no longer working (you can even see the tiny wires coming out) so how else am I going to drown out my mom's nags and my crazy alter ego's thoughts?? Okay, I probably don't need this crazy big headphone but it'd stole my heart.

I'm still considering my options though.. I shouldn't get one with the really tiny plastic wires.. obviously.


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