Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Wednesday.

Does it make sense if I say that I'm nervous?
I mean, why should I be nervous right? It's not like I'm the one who's performing with my guitar in front of hundreds of people!

I saw a video on YouTube the other day.. James Morrison was singing as he played on a keyboard. He was rubbish! hahahha! Well, he wasn't really rubbish of course, but he could do wonders with his guitar while on the keyboard.. he cannot.
By the way, since I haven't actually said it.. I AM going to the Live & Loud Acoustic night where my dear James is performing! *does a horrible one-man Mexican wave* It's exciting! I'm already thinking of the shoes I want to wear.. what time I'll be leaving the house.. What songs he'll perform!

Is it silly to think that I'll probably die young because God has been entertaining most of my wishes? I know I think too much, and preposterously superstitious -- which is odd 'cause I also believe in God! hahhaha! But really.. what are the chances that He's giving me all these opportunities (to do what I wanted to do.. go where ever I wanted to go.. see what I wanted to see..) because I haven't got too much time left to do, see and go to all these places?
That he's compensating my short time on Earth with all these amusements.

hahhahaha!! I definitely think too much.
Ah well.. que sera sera..
There isn't anything left to say, really.

edited on 3:14 AM.
My mom got herself a new phone; a Sony Ericsson K530i which I envy for the fact that it has TrackID and Flight Mode! But!! She let me use her earphones so I'm no longer upset. heehee. Aren't I easy..

edited on 2:00 PM.
Where the hell did I put my head these days! I completely forgot about last night's Champions League! Damn, that's a first.


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