Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Happy. Really.

First, I got to hang out with Muz. Completely filled my entire morning and afternoon! So neat! Blabbed and yacked. Considered playing in the rain but had to decide not to since Muz has school to think about! haha! (She can't afford even thinking of skipping any classes - even though she IS currently on a break!) Well, we got to step on some puddles. That brought some memories! haha!
Fun times during high school.
We went out for about 7 hours, and there wasn't a single dull moment! Time really REALLY flies when you're with friends, yeah?

By the way, that's the theme for the new layout update!!
My lovely lovely beasties.. and the darling darling clowns that has been around me for these past two weeks. haha!! I find it SHOCKING that I've only known Alia and Pae for just two weeks and look, they're right there among the cam-whores and gigolos (??) I have on the new layout! haha!
You fellas have bewitched me body and soul! AHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! (inside joke; I reckon not everybody will get this. Sorry.)
It's the only reason why I was so ticked when I had wanted to change the layout last night. I had had HAD to have these guys on here. So, thank GOD for LifeLogger! haha! Curse Photobucket for bringing down my mood last night!

I promised Muz to say about the horrendous services we got all day but I am in such a pleasant mood I might just forget about the important points.
Just go see my vodcast if you're really curious. (well, even then I only touched the surface.)

I think I'm making "photos" on the layout as a trademark. What do you think? Makes sense, yeah?
Ohh, I hope you lovelies love the layout 'cause I'm ADORING it!! Can't stop looking at it! haha! (Vain?)
Have an excellent day everyone!

ps: If you're having problem loading the background photo, please please tell me! Just leave a quick message on the shoutbox and I'll try and find a different image host. *sigh*


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