Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sighing too much.

I'm waiting again. Crap!! I thought I've promised myself not to ever again! shite. In need of a change.

Anyway! Just a reminder to those who haven't registered their prepaid numbers, go ahead and register! If you're a Maxis user, you're going to get RM2 credit and if you're using Celcom, you'll get RM5 and 3 days extra of your access. heh! (Guess that form was worth it.)

My mind is a bit off these days. haha! I hate it when that happens. So I don't have much to tell you in here. Would rather not share EVERY thought that runs in this mind.
Though I swear I had something to tell earlier but somehow that thought just went away and disappeared. So I'll leave you with this. heehee.

ohh, I found this one YouTube. I thought he looked adorable!! ngee! --and this!


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