Sunday, September 17, 2006


I jinxed the hiatus. I was doing fine until I post that "hiatus" entry. Crap!
And all those people whom had asked why I haven't updated the blog!! ahahha!! I just can't help ittt!!!
I have low self resistance! eeeekkk!!
I feel weak and helpless.

So these are what you've missed;
1. Rai, Alia and I went to see You, Me and Dupree last Wednesday and enjoyed it! Well, I honestly think you don't HAVE to see it in the cinema but it was time well spent and I looove those two! (Yes, Azraai.. you're included. booo!)
2. We had an odd sort of hang out on Friday 'cause both Rai and Alia only had an hour to waste and we spent it at Luca's Pizza in Subang! haha! Later Rai and I went to the Pasar Malam and ended up in Syed Bistro for another hour!
3. Sometime in the week, I woke up with a single tear in the corner of my eye. I'm afraid to try hard enough to remember what I dreamt about.
4. Alia drilled me with some scary questions last night! ahhaha!!
5. Had a brilliant time with the beasties earlier!! Can't wait to see them again.

6. More lame videos uploaded on my LL.
7. I was the object of attention earlier for wearing so differently from any typical Malaysian and MAN! I don't give a crap! hahha! I don't get called "selamba" by Zul for nothing, okkaay! I'd say what I like and I'd do what I want. Apparently I get some attention for it. tralallaa~
8. Oh right, thanks to Asha for running me through getting my very own torrent files! LOL! I know, I know.. there must've been at least 5 people who had told me to get torrent before her. Asha was the best seller then!

HANISSS!! Nak gambaaaa!! Photos from me akan diupload esok! Ehh.. I mean later today!


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