Friday, September 29, 2006

Suppressed memories?

I got what I wanted!
To meet up with Bahijah and Ana!! heehee. That was really fun. The original plan was to catch a movie and then have break-fast but KTM Commuter had to be a knob and made my journey a challenge and got me late for absolutely no reason!! grr.

But never mind that since the rest was so much fun and it had been SUCH a long time since I last saw Bahijah. Basically she picked me up from Kepong station and we went to OU. Walked around 'til around 6:30 and we went to Fish & Co. and ordered up. (Bahijah had wanted to try Manhattan Fish Market, but whatdyaknoww.. there isn't one in OU!! haha!)

Started walking around again at eight and decided to get a drink. We were just resting our feet, talking about old stuff when somehow we decided to call Ana (whom had cancelled the day before!) to ask where she was. Turned out she was at home so we kidnapped her and went to Rasta (a place in TTDI) and sit some more.
Left at quarter past eleven to send Ana to MMU and then Bahijah sent me back to Shah Alam.

But not before we got lost around Section 27 and the Carlsberg factory!! hahahha!! I am so dumb around those areas.

Bahijah and Ana got to vent. They also reminded me of my old dark days that I have seemed to forgotten - which I now think was idiotically funny.. yet slightly depressing! hahha!! Obviously, they've seen me at my worst and I find it incredible that I am capable of forgetting all that!
God, I don't really wish to remember that but as Bahijah had said.. We were young. Yes, I was. Not too sure if you guys were! heehee.

Ohh Lily and Rosie.. we SO have to do this again!
Minus the bad-memories recollection, though. *wink*
As you can see.. the blog is messier as I've added more photos on the design! hahha! (Can't help myself.)



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