Friday, September 08, 2006

A day of sadness.. and silliness!!

Dear Ida,

Do you have an urge to howl at the Moon? With the September 7 full Moon lunar eclipse in sensitive Pisces you may feel a bit thin-skinned. Yet, there isnt a better time to tune into yourself and take stock of where you are and what you want. See if you can take some time away from your busy schedule. Turn off your cell phone, hire a babysitter or take a personal day from work.

I have a busy schedule. hah!!

Spent the entire day with Alia. Talking about our worries yet came up with silly theories instead! Azraai joined us around mid day and we hung around Tasik Shah Alam doing almost nothing. (Alia and I were working on something while Azraai got himself bored.)
Later decided to go to Pyramid but didn't quite got there. Resolved to getting some pizzas at Luca's and brought them over to Fakhri's house. (Not before we did a taste-test during the bumper-to-bumper at the Batu Tiga toll! haha!)

We just sat around, looked through Fakhri's photo albums, 'til Azraai's mom called and asked him to come home. hihi.

Aaaand.. came the silly part with me and Alia!
Alia had wanted to see more of Fakri's photos.. We were in her green Kenari.. parked right outside of his house! Called him and tried to persuade him to let us kidnap one of his albums since he was reluctant to give it up.
Then he said, "okaylah.. okaylahh" in a such uninviting tone so we just stood there, outside his gates.. whispering if we should come knock on the door.
He wasn't feeling his best and he did say that he felt weak.

So me and Alia's confidence falters and we got back into the car and made another call to cancel our wish of coming over.
Then stupidly.. yet hilariously.. Alia started the car and quickly zoomed off to the main road to avoid Fakhri -- or any of his family to notice that we were all along outside of his house! *rofl*
Alia and I was laughing all the way to Shah Alam Mall! I swear I almost hyperventilated! haha!

Alia was looking for some things for her sister and brought back the idea of getting some "get-well-soon fruits" for Fakhri and so begin our quest of finding the right basket.. the ideal ribbons.. the perfect flowers and the supreme fruits!
She cares too much I think! haha! All I was capable of was to write the splendid note that comes along with it!

Okay. I had fun, tonight Alia! You're such a brilliant character and the world needs more of you! I think you're going to have a laugh about my latest podcast! (no sad stuff!)
Have to work on something now! Sooo sleepy but I really have to!

Hope you guys are doing alright!


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