Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Double trouble.

Crap! Double crapp!!!
Will go through that in a jiffy, but now I'm going to tell you what I did for the rest of the day.

I played Yahoo! Pool for the first time last night and I was slaughtered by Dar. Seriously, I feel defected. Completely lousy!
I was glad he decided to go to sleep after the fifth game and saved me from further embarassment! haha! Btw, Ablen, you said you're going to update your blog so where is it?? Liar liar, pants on fire.

Okay, I woke up around noon by Alia's call whom had asked if I had wanted to catch a movie; Heart. eek!! ME WAAANT!
I heard people talk about how touching the movie was and I'd like to find out!
So we went to Midvalley and bought tickets for the 2:30 show of Heart and The Banquet at 4:25! Yes.. Double trouble is the word -- or wordS. (grammatical error ticks me!)

Had a quick lunch at Food Junction, (see what I did? Instead of saying "foodcourt", I had made the place sound like a restaurant! haha!) and missed the advestisements at the beginning of the show.

Heart was..
Alright. It wasn't as touching and sad as I hoped it was. Of course, I shed a little tear at this one part (which I probably shouldn't reveal) but honestly I had hoped for more! I had wanted to come out of the cinema wailing and screaming "Why God, whyyy!!" - but I didn't. So I was disappointed by the word-of-mouth that was obviously untrustworthy. grr. But there were some scenes that I thought were amusing enough to not make me feel like I had wasted my time. The scripts of some parts were.. nice. Wish I had remembered them. sigh.
So would I recommend this film? Only if you're at the cinema before six pm and you have your student card with you! But if you love the idea of an alternate-universe version of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, you'd love this! (note: I don't.)
Err.. have I said too much?

The Banquet was HILARIOUS!! haha! Sorry.. it was not, really. But I was struck by a giggling fit at the end of the film so I can't help but remembering just that! As Alia had said to me earlier, it was like an Asian style of Shakespear. The drama and romantization of it all was very Shakespear-like, I agreed. But I loved it! The film was very.. poignant. Plus, there's Daniel Wu in it! How can anyone possibly hate Daniel Wu?? haha! But honestly, the way I see it, it is about love and power. And you know how those two don't get along.
If you like to cook up a theory, this is definitely a movie for you!
But what do I know.. we missed the first five minutes from running from cinema 17 to cinema 3. heh!

Alia sent me home afterwards since she have a dinner to attend to while I absent mindedly turned the computer on -- completely forgetting to watch that Chinese series on 8TV, Proud of Twins. urrgh! I am hitting myself now! How can I forget??
It has Cheung Wai Kin and Nicholas Tse in it! urgghh!!

Currently listening to: Pencinta Wanita by Irwansyah.
(this song sangat chumelll!!)

Rindu Murni.. and some-else.


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