Tuesday, September 05, 2006

cilakak kamuk!!

Stupid Photobucket!! Since when did they resize the pictures?? I'm seriously pissed!!

One. I'm bored of this current layout.
Two. I spent an hour in front of my desktop trying to work the HTML codes around the background image I've worked on for HOURS since the past couple of days!
Three. when I thought I was done, it turned out that I wasn't and now I'm left with a stupid, ugly un-workable template!!
Four. Not only I've got a useless, ugly background image.. it's confirmed unusable since stupid effing Photobucket resized it to waaaaayyy smaller for my own liking!
Five. Seriously.. I'm bored with this layout!! It only makes me long for Europe!

Effing Photobucket!!! Idiot! Idiot! IDIOT!!!
ade kang aku buat background hitam je..!


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