Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How irritating.

The last time I updated the blog was yesterday morning and all day.. ALL DAY I felt as if the last time I wrote was a WEEK ago!!
Talk about hypergraphia. The world seemed too slow when I don't write. Yet I feel irritated that I have no self resistance right now for writing about nothing remotely important - not even to me which is the whole purpose of this blog in the first place!
I should learn to stop hating myself. That's for sure.

Let's see.. I didn't get any sleep two days ago. Why?
I waited for some downloads to finish which is completely idiotic but that's what I do.. all the time. So yeah, I'm an idiot.
I saw Prison Break from episode 1 through episode 6 - which I probably should've done sooner since they were bloody brilliant!!! Honestly.. Smart people amazes me! Especially when they looked like anything but a nerd or a geek! HAHAHAHA!!

I'm turning into one of those people I used to hate. The ones who won't wait for their favourite show to get into the telly and download everything from the internet. heehee. I know, I shouldn't hate them.. Now I feel like a total hypocrite!
I mean, downloading JUST House is fine.. but now I'm looking forward to Thursday and Monday for Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break. Also waiting for the download of Ghost Whisperer to finish. haha!! Now I'm battling with myself if I should download Lost come next week.
I have no self preservation. No self preservation and no self resistance = perfect idiot.

Ohh, the other day my sister was stuck watching the Chinese series that I am currently following; Proud of Twins, weekdays at 7pm on 8TV. She knew me too well when the screen was on a close up to one of the actors, she said "patutlaa tengok cite nieee!" (no wonder you're watching this!)
There was once a time when Chinese series were all I watched. The year 2000, the year when I got my Yahoo! account. heehee. (see where I'm going?)

Okay. That's it for now.
I am rather annoyed that the only times I had brilliant ideas are when I'm having my shower and by the time I'm drying myself, the ideas disappeared. grr.


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