Monday, September 11, 2006

Just almost..

I'm guessing that Azraai is expecting an entry where I'd talk bad about him but no, I won't. I know he didn't mean what he said and I shouldn't blame him for being an arse! ahhahahahaha!! Men!

Anyway, we went out to meet Ecah who's in town for a few days and dragged her out well past her curfew! Sorry? hihi. I tried being Alia-like and tried inviting a friend over but I couldn't help feeling all silly for starting to think like her!! HAHAHHA!!
Cik Alia, miss you tonight!! Hope you're getting better!
We had ice-cream in McD and Azraai invited Nazmi over 'coz he felt an "awkwardness" since I was giving him the silent treatment. haha!

I was tired the entire day. And feeling a massive hole in the heart is sort of inevitable. Then I read Alia's blog and I felt like crying! sheesh! Idiotic! And she meant it so we could all smile about it, but I almost cried.
Just almost!

I won't be caught crying! :P

And sorry Hanis for missing the kenduri earlier. I over-slept and now I feel terrible! Wish I was there.

p.s= Incik Azraai.. you can find my entire thoughts of tonight in the letter you ASKED me to write! hahha! So nantikan sajalah! Which I think both of us nanti akan lupa dah pon about tonight.
p.p.s= Saw the first episode of the third season of House!! It was brilliant!! Ooh! House is back! :x


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