Saturday, September 02, 2006

Still at Alia's place!

Alia is having her shower.
I just had mine but I feel rather naked without having my usual things I put on after my shower. (deoderant, etc.) Erkk. I hate B.O. Especially when it's MINE! haha!

In the spirit of honesty -- which I'm always in -- I must tell you that I'm wearing Alia's cute pink top (that somehow matches with my jeans) and for the first time ever, a disposable panty!! (Yes, I give you permission to let your imaginations roam as wild as you want it to.) Feels a bit weird. It's too airy for my own liking.

Moving on.. I was having a bit fun with her webcam! haha! I don't own a webcam so I was acting a bit vain just now which I'm feeling guilty about now. heehee.
I think I've been influenced by Alia's "cam-whore" aura.

Okay. This is SUCH a boring blog and I'm slightly sorry that you had to read it. (You know, you can always go and check other blogs than mine!)
I'm going now even though I have no idea what I'm going to do next! I suppose I'm looking forward to going to KLIA in a bit! I loooove airports!


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