Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Edward Cullen or Mr. Darcy?

To be honest, I was thinking of the Boyfie when I ask myself this. I know, I know.. it's probably too much and over the top to be comparing him to the most prominent characters from all the books that I've read.
Sure sure there's the boy wizard but he isn't exactly the boyfriend type, is he? What with the angst and the fact that some dark wizard tries to kill him every year. Also, I don't think having Hermione around would be good for my ego, so no no to Harry. And there's Morrie.. and Ian.. but gosh, they are so.. unreachable in a sense. Their optimism would probably make me cry at the end of the day. Then there's Langdon but uh.. really, I don't think we'd get along that well. I'd eventually think of him as boring and he'd lose patience over my frivolity.

So I ended up with two finalists.. Edward from the Twilight series and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. heehee.
See.. I told the Boyfie that he reminded me of Darcy because Nikki (our mutual friend online) kept telling everyone that Edward reminded her of my Boyfie. gah! Of course I'd thought of that when I first read Twilight -- the times I laughed because Edward said something that the Boyfie had once said to me.
but but.. he's MY Boyfie.. why does she kept telling people that. mmph! Honestly, I'd rather not have her think of Syl everytime she reads "Edward". blah. And now when I read about Edward, I'd think of how it reminds Nikki of MY boyfriend. grr. Kinda spoils my reading experience.
note: I have no problem with Nikki really. She's really nice and generally likeable. I'm just ME. (It's not her, it's me.. hahahha!!) It's not jealousy in the typical sense. At least not to me :P

Like I said though, you do kinda remind me of Mr. Darcy, hun; how persistent you can be sometimes.. how badly you fail at brooding 'coz you always end up telling me how you really feel.. and especially how anti-social you can be that everyone else has no idea how you really are. Yet you let me in.. heehee. Lucky me!
That pretty much describes Edward too but he's mastered the art of brooding, he lies.. and most of all, he's a vampire. hahahha! I don't think the Boyfie is a vampire, so..

But really.. I'm not exactly Elizabeth Bennet. Our similarities are limited to the fact that we love our dads more than we love our moms, we love reading, fail at painting and a pretty lousy musician. Okay, probably it's safe to say that we have similar sense of humour too.
And nor am I Bella Swan.. we bruise ourselves more than normal people but I'm slightly more coordinated in sports (at least I think I am.) But I can't cook.. or drive. sigh.
So I'm not exactly worthy for an 'Edward Cullen' or a 'Mr. Darcy' am I?

Actually it's quite embarassing to be writing about this but I still want to run my thoughts through somewhere.. but enough of that. The fact that I'm just ME is a wee bit depressing. Why do I even think of these stuff anyway? sheesh.

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