Sunday, August 24, 2008

More than I can chew.

Super pooped.
I'm breaking down from having my mind being on overdrive.. constantly.

So here's the story of my life.. 85% of it, I spend it on a lull -- when things are quiet.. nothing ever happens, no matter how hard I pray for something to happen.. no place to go, nobody to see.. Just 85% of my life wasting away, filled by excruciating boredom. Then there's the 15%.. that usually comes in a series of unstoppable busy-ness.. when I freak out at the thought of having to breathe 'coz THERE IS NO TIME FOR THAT, DAMMITTT!!
SO many things to do.. SO many people to see.. TOO many places to go to.. LOADS of things to think about (more than usual.)

Started off last night when I went out with my sis to karaoke with her friends. I could've skipped that since I have a thing to attend to in the morning, but noooo! I had to go with her. I can't stop myself from being me, it's stupid.

Now lets move on to something that I can't possibly complain about;
I made a couple of friends today. "Friends for the day", I should call them.

just the sides of their faces.. I don't reckon they would want their face on some random blog. hahaha!

Honest to God I really enjoyed making friends for the day. Must be one of the coolest things in existence. Tyler, if you found this blog somehow, thank you for sitting at my table. hehe. (psh!) Continue study, then *Langkawi!!* hahahhahaha!
I'm gonna see Inas again tomorrow (in the morning) though so anyway. I'm pretending to be oh-so cool now. psh, I don't need this.

The wait was mind-numbing, (yet heart-thumping) but spending them with two Water-bearers and a Bull was not bad at all. I rather enjoyed it actually.

Dida picked me up afterwards (I changed clothes in the car. haha!) and we headed to the National Stadium to catch the Malaysia Cup final -- which Kedah won against Selangor (yea yea..) by 3 - 2. But I must note that I was impressed by the Selangor fans. Our cheer was way louder than Kedah even though they'd filled half of their share of the stadium while we had SO many seats left. And, our Mexican wave is better.. and also our drums! hahahaha! duude.. we pioneered those, any other teams' would be a poor imitation in comparison to ours. muahahha!
I love those drum players.. even though never once in my life I saw where they're at.

Random note: Our Raja Muda is hot. Really.

Okay. I am going to just head to bed now, not even bothering to wash my face and panic about things I haven't done yet in the morning. All I wanna do right now is curl up in my bed, talk to the boyfie, probably end up crying a little from being SO damn tired and fall asleep.
Sounds like a plan!


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