Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Malaysian International Fireworks Competition began last night and it'd started off with the Malaysian Team (naturally). It wasn't as impressive as last year's performance by the Italian or Japanese team, but fireworks.. I love!

I saw a show on the Discovery Channel once.. it explained why we (humans) like watching fireworks. Apparently our brains register that fireworks are dangerous but they are in a controlled environment; safe. Basically we are all actually adrenaline junkies, just that most of us are not into endangering ourselves to pick up an extreme sport.
umm.. I'm pretty sure that the real explanation is very scientific but that's about the only thing I remember about the show really. "Basically". hahaha!

Quote of the day:
"Akhirnye.. Jasmin telah dijinakkan."
-- Dida

(in reference to the fact that Aqilah is fairer than her sisters.)


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