Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey ho!

he he he he
Turns out I get to spend another week at home.
Jasmin gets to stay home for another week 'coz apparently it's the school holidays next week. So Nina will have company during the weekday; and I'll get to stay at home until next weekend! yayyyy!!

Last night was the second fireworks show of MIFC in Putrajaya. It was the China's team and I thought theirs was entertaining. A wee bit better than Malaysia's but it wasn't too impressive in comparison. A bit slow, in a way.
This time me and Dida had brought along our mom -- because we'd brought the kiddies along too. haha. Those two were.. LOUD! Shouting every colours that came out in the sky! hahaha. Hilarious, if you weren't related to them. hahahahha!

We'd thought that the show would begin at 9:30 but nooooo.. it started at 10:00! grr.. I honestly hate the MIFC website. For one, it has a hideous layout! Two, they don't update the schedule as frequently/immediately as they should. Horrible people!

As we were waiting.. I took a pic of the full moon. blah. I was bored.

Looking forward to tomorrow's volleyball event on the Olympics! Men's Team Russia!! woot!! I've taken a liking to Yury Berezhko.. 6'6".. my age! ha-ha-ha! I like him for his skills.. but he's kinda cute too. hehe.

I probably should plan something in celebration of my extra week at home. hmm.. Azraaaaiiii!!!


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