Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye weekend!!

So glad it's Monday.. somehow.
The busy weekend is finally over and today is Sylly's birthdayy!!

Happy Birthday Hunnyyy!!
Love you! ♥

Currently at Nina's place.. I can't help but wonder if I am to spend the next two months here. Not that I mind, (except maybe the incredibly sluggish internet connection) but I really can't help wondering..
What ever it is, no regrets!
I really did have fun meeting new people in the past two days.

Friends for the day: Zura, Ela, Nazir and Edwin. Neat people. Zura was really pretty, Ela was amazingly enlightening, Nazir reminds me of somebody I used to know in college, Edwin was such a hippie! hahaha!

Gotta go to bed real soon. So SO tired from waking up so early in the morning -- it's almost like a culture shock. hahahha!
Have a good week, everyone.

ps: I got my period.. once things were over, and I was calm.. hmm.. funny hormones.


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