Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Everybody's sidekick.

I was thinking of something while I was out with my dad last night. For what ever reason I'd felt like his sidekick at that time. Because I felt his need for company, I decided to leave my book and go out with him.
Same as how I'd feel about Dida sometimes.. of course I love going out, I'd take every chance I can get. I guess after countless of years being selfish and very self-oriented, it'd felt kinda weird to be doing things for somebody else. Even though it's really a small, measly, barely noticeable gesture. (I'm still self-oriented so of course I noticed the change! haha!)

Moving on..
I don't know how to start, but I can't say that it didn't hurt. What ever.. getting everything I want is simply not possible, so I'll live.

So I didn't get much sleep last night (this morning really) 'coz I've been reading Breaking Dawn since I got it yesterday afternoon. I must say, a page sort of stood out to me.
Life sucks, and then you die

Yeah, I should be so lucky.
Page 143, Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

mm.. the content and the page number just amused me.
Let's all agree that my mind works in a weird way and the silliest things could easily distract me.

Eileen had an entry up on her blog.. about "your temper according to your horoscope". Apparently mine reads;
You are insensible and generally have no complete control over your emotions. You do get angry quickly and others marvel at your anger levels even when provoked. Actually, you get tongue-tied when angry and you will remove your anger waiting for the other person to calm down. Then you will reason with your opponent and convince the other person in a very gentle manner that the whole thing was just his mistake. You’re also likely to totally sever ties with someone when you’re upset with them.
I know it's horrible to admit but that very last part.. is so true.

mm.. I was sure I had something else to type out but I'm sort of out of time. I'll think of something for some other time.


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