Saturday, August 16, 2008


(something I picked up from the boyfie.. haha!)

Good Morning, Wanie!
You have 9 unread messages in your Inbox

gah! If only they'd been love letters.. or at least emails from my actual friends. Instead, 5 of them were notifications, 2 were something that I subscribed to (one of those is the RedView. hehhe), one was from a random blogger that I've talked to previously and another was a sneaky spam that had somehow managed to creep into the inbox. I opened it, naturally bowing to my curiosity. It went.. yada yada bla blaa Jesus Christ.. NU UHH!! I don't think I'll read it any further, thanks!

I was rereading Breaking Dawn earlier.. interestingly at the part where Bella and Edward was in Isle Esme *coughs*, when the boyfie called in his groggy voice just to wish me something before he goes back to sleep. I could barely hear him with the hurricane of a sound that came from his fan; took me a second to make out his words and when I did, I got kinda giddy. heehee. ♥

Guess today's date kinda slipped my mind since all I've been thinking about is the fact that it's Saturday. I'm worried.. and a bit heavy hearted since I'm leaving for Nina's place later today. I'm trying to mend my sorrows by eating some cookies now.

Dida brought 400 grams of Famous Amos cookies when she got home earlier. 200 of choc-chip no nut and 200 of choc-chip with pecans. Sugaaaaaaaaa~!! ♥ I doubt she'd let me finish those but at least my heart is mending.. a little.
I still want Triple Play and Molten Chocolate Cake though.
I wonder if I should spend my birthday at Chilli's or San Fran. hmm.. tough call. Free cake with (an unpreferable) 15-seconds of fame or free drink with a serenade by people who practically knows you?
err.. I think I'll actually cry if I have to wait 'til my birthday to get that damn chocolate cake. Why the HECK am I thinking about my birthday NOW! sheesh!

Moving on, I injured both of my hands yesterday. The right during late last night.. when I tried to unscrew an incredibly stubborn bottle cap. I was cursing SO MUCH! Almost cried even!! hahaha! I mean, the cap just won't budge and I was too stubborn to leave it alone. The ending to this story; I have a teeeny tiny cut in my palm (caused by friction) that stings everytime I unscrew/twist anything with my right hand. And as for that damn bottle, I drank every drop of its content before I flung it to the bin! MUAHAHAHA!
The left happened in the afternoon; I was sitting in an awkward position on a stool and when I got wobbly, I stopped myself from falling over with my left hand. Don't ask me how, but it seemed like I had focused the weight of my torso on my very thumb. I know.. stupid and odd.. I heard the joint from my palm to my thumb click. It's fine though.. I can still wiggle my thumb. hehe.

Okay. That's about it.
I should probably head to bed. Bored. blah.


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