Sunday, August 04, 2002

Amazingly refreshing weekend

Heyy heyy!! I'm back in MMU! Hihhihik! Not sure what really excites me.. 'coz honestly, I shouldn't really feel excited as I'm really.. alone in this room right now! But I don't know! I guess I'm just refreshed with a pretty good weekend!
Oh.. before I forgot.. SELAMAT HARI TUE PAKCIK RAI!! And the list of pakcik keeps getting longer! ^.^
Well, nothing much in the weekend, but I did get the rest I need! Did the same-o same-o things at home.. watch TV and all. Though, something funny happened as I was watching Charmed on Friday. See.. I've been using the nick -lil' witch- for a quite while and last Friday, Prue asked Piper, "Where's Phoebe?" and Piper answered, "That little witch..." Aggagga!! So I was smiling all the way.. Ehek!
And then, on Saturday I was really entertained as I saw an old thingy on telly called Amazing Stories (was it?) and gosh, it was hilarious!! I know, I'm supposed to be amazed with the ideas of those featured stories, but heck!! It's too funny for me to get serious with it. Ohhohoho!! And on Saturday I bumped my right knee to Papa's table.. And yeahh, it really.. really hurts you can't imagine how much! I was like.. shouting, laughing and crying in the same time. Shouting for how much it hurts and how I have to stop myself from cursing terribly in front of Papa.. Laughing for having to believe how clumsy and stupid I was to bump my knee like that, and crying for the terrible.. horrible pain I felt at that time! Huhhuhu... Accidentally let Papa, Nina and Jasmin saw me crying.. Sheesh!
Nina had her convo on Saturday.. that's why Jasmin came.. hehhe!
Oh well.. that's all I am willing to share right now, maybe I'll continue one a bit later tonight! Feeling a bit drowsy right now.. Huhhuhu!
OooO yeahh... created a new quiz!! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME??Ehek!! Try it!! I dare you!!

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