Sunday, August 25, 2002

Amazingly.... BORING!
The day passed terribly slow today...
Me and Ana went to sleep around 7 or 8 in the morning. Really don't know what's up with that!
Well, Ana was pretty hyper for no actual reasons and as for me, I tried real hard to get some shut eye but I kept tossing and turning 'coz I just can't clear up my head.. hihhihi! And.... so... we finally get some sleep at 7 something.. and woke up around 12... And then somehow we went back to sleep.. and woke up again at 3.. Aaaannnddd... had our shower at 6!! Hahhahha!!
So anyway.. we really can't do anything much about it 'coz there were nothing fun to do while we were awake!!
But I guess we'll be staying up tonight... had too many sleep! ^.^
We're trying to work on a topic but we haven't got the perfect topic yet! So if you peeps out there have any good topic in mind.. do post it in the chatterbox wokie!

02:50:30 Sweet!


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