Tuesday, August 06, 2002

What can I say.. days are passing by awkwardly each day.
Mama suddenly gave me a ring during the weekend, which I'm wearing now on my right hand.. Huhhuh! Tetibe ajek
I've been hanging out with the girls at night lately.. Hihhi! I guess it's better than going out.. Papa actually told me not to go merayap anywhere farther then Cyberjaya.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I was like.. -UIK?!- Then he told me to call first if I'm going out anywhere.. Hehh!
Papa said another two offer letters came in on Monday. So he SMSed me.. "Wanie dapat ITTAR, nak pegi ke?" And then he said the other letter came from UNITAR. I seriously can't remember where and when I applied for them! Sheesh!! I'm even wondering where all those colleges got my name! Seriously!! They're making too much rubbish with those letters!! Huhhuh!
My credit balance is RM 19.40.. Ehkehehkeh!! I don't think I made too many calls with it.. just too many SMS I guess.. I've messaged my onechans almost every night! Hihhi! Miss you guys!!

And now I'm falling again..


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