Saturday, August 24, 2002

What's up with GIRLS and GUITARS?
They're just plain cool.... and romantic I have to say! Not that I like romance.. ('coz the thought of it right now is making me laugh!).. at least not right now. But anyways, I guess guitars makes girls melt.. especially when they're played by the guys they like or admire. 'Coz I know I do.. and some of my good friends does.
It's like this.. there are two types of girls and guitars.. ^.^ There are the type of girls which loves guitars so much that they learn how to play it. (I know I almost did.. but somehow the temptation just brushed away) And there are the type of girls which just loves guitar so much... but they doesn't or can't play it.. so they just run around towards the people who knew how to play them. (Now, that's where I am right now) Hihhihik!
Well, I have to say that I always did that in high school.. ^.^ Everytime there's a show in the hall.. I'd try my best to sit at the front.. and when they're finished I'd be the one who shouts/screams out at them. (Yeahh.. even when Puan Normah said that it was an unethical thing to do.. but, heck!) Or even when a person we know walks around with a guitar in their hand (usually happens at the end of the year) I'd call them to sit and play!! Yeah yeahh!! I just love that one.. I get to perasan that they're playing for me! Hahhaha!! Rindu Ajim! But honestly.. This type of girls... (My type of 'girls and guitar') are usually pretty jealous when they see a girl playing the guitar. Seriously.. Example: me and Ana would go like, 'Awwh.. so jealous that Azilah can play the guitar.. I want to learn how to play!! We wanna plaaayyyy!!' almost everytime our friend over here, Azilah plays her guitar. And we can't get our hands off the guitar when they're not playing it. Silly? Of course we are!
And there's the other thing about GUYS and guitar.. with GIRLS. Hihhihik! (a discussion between me and Ana)
I believe that almost every girl in the world loves guys with guitars. So when a guy plays for a girl (willingly, without the girl asks for it).. we'd have to say that he actually likes the girl! Or well.. love the girl maybe.. And... when a guy goes around to that girl and kept on saying he's going to learn how to play it.. we'd have to say that he really likes that girl and wants to make a verrrrrrry good impression on that girl. And, when a girl keeps telling a guy to learn how to play a song.. seriously we'd have to say that the girl reaaaaaaaally likes guitar and that song and would reaaaaaaally love that guy if he did what she asked. ^.^ Hahha!!
This is almost true.. as for me and Ana.. we believe it is true! So you boys and girls out there.. don't go around giving the wrong impressions to the opposite sex wokie! If you like or dislikes that certain person.. just say it 'coz guitar is a very sensitive issue!! ^.^

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