Saturday, August 24, 2002

Ahha!! A verrrrrry interesting topic don't you think? And that's why I'm gonna type about this stuff right now. And it'll be a discussion between me and ANA!! Yeah yeahh!

Wanie Let's start off with the meaning of crush! Hihhihik..! Well, it's another word for admiring someone. And amazingly, it's usually kept secret.. but maybe your good friends know about it.. ^.^ So what can we say about crush? Hihhihik!
Ana Hmm.. Crush is a person that we really really admire. And we can get reaaaaally disappointed if our crush hurt our feelings right? Because we want to be perfect for them. Hihihih..
Wanie Absolutely.. now, how do you know when you have a crush on a certain someone? Not that I'm a real expert at this.. but I do know how it feels.. Let see.. for starters.. when you see that person around.. you MIGHT want him/her to notice that you were there. Hihhi! Don't ask me what I'd do.. :Þ And.. when you see him/her you'd feel some funny things going on in your tummy (which are called butterflies!) or your heart skipped a beat or beat even harder that it might even hurt your chest. And one other thing I know.. you'd want to look good when he or she is around. Have any of these happened to you but you can't figure out why?? Well.. now you have the idea, okie!
Ana And we can't help smiling when our friends talk about our crush. And when he or she is around, we'd try to cover our feelings towards them - trying not to let them know. But the most complicated part is the hinting part. Coz sometimes we give them a hint, but they don't react the way we expected. And sometimes when we get the hint, they did or say something that makes us confused. And we wondered if he or she actually admired us or not.. and maybe they're just fooling around.
Examples of a hint : "I'm going to miss you throughout the break.. hahha!! Kidding.. :Þ" This is considered as a hint.. (to a girl) so be careful when you joke around! More examples, "We keep on bumping to each other all day. What a coincidence..and it was all nice" Hihhi.. That one is a dangerous hint! So be very careful of what you say because this one.. means that you like seeing that person.
Wanie Laugh your faces off if you should but I have to say this is all true! Now... more things on hinting.. Err.. Let's just say that it gets even 'weirder' when they dedicates us such meaningful songs. Err.. wait, I shouldn't say that since we do a lot of exchanging mp3s around here. But heck! How should I put this.. errr.. when you know they only listen to rock and all those heavy stuff and they usually give you those types of songs.. but one day, they gave you a veerrryyyy meaningful ballad! Surprise surprise! Ikkikiki!! But this one is just a mild hinting... ^.^ What else? Huhhu.. I have a sudden writer's block! STUCK!
Ana Me too. And it is sad when we give them a hint and they just don't get it. Then we have to explain it to them and that's not fun. Because at the same time we want to hide our feelings. It's hard to explain to them right? We just want to give them a bit of the feeling and at the same time make them wonder about what we've said. And we hope by doing that, they'll think about us from time to time. Hikhikhik
Wanie Crush is a silly business if you ask me! But all the rush is fun though. So let's just say that crush = confusion! Umm... as far as I know, crush can only bring you more and more confusion.. 'was that a hint?'.. 'do they feel the same way?'.. 'am I kidding myself??' Hihhihik! Now, seriously, better get all the truth outside than keeping it inside. If you like a certain someone, you should let it out! Or you'd lose your crush to some jerk! Ikkikiki! Now, honestly.. if you don't let them know how you feel.. they can never give you a response! Better get hurt by telling them than getting hurt keeping it to yourself and wondering... 'What if?' Anything else to add, Ana?
Ana It may be embarassing but we have to let it out so that they can respond appropriately..
Wanie Eccewwaaahhh!! Pandai betul kite cakap ekk! Ikkikiki..!

So you boys out there.. (seriously, you guys have to make the first move!!!) let HER know!! Hihhihik!

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