Saturday, August 24, 2002

Malam itu indah
Hihhi! Such fun nights I had. Yesternight was pretty cool.. hung around at HB 1, had some drinks and managed to discuss some Computer Graphics stuff.. which I was reaaaaaaaally blur at that time. So, yeah.. it was a bit boring.. but something actually made it look a bit interesting.. And there was even a 'secret union' between ehem! winks!~ Kan Azura.. Kan Ana!! (Sorry.. it's very weird to explain anyways...) So, yeahh... Azura cooled off which relieved all of us! ^.^
Then later Ana and I went to HB 3 to spent our money.. hihhik! Kelaparan di malam hari And when we were walking back towards HB 4, we heard some noise and saw Ahmadsyah, Fariz and the rest of their crowd. So I turned to Ana and said, 'Aha! Syah wanted to buy me Cornetto.. should I ask now, or later?' Ana just smiled and gave no real comment. So I was like jumping up and down, trying to decide if I should see them or not.. And heck! Since all the money left in Ana and my posession was RM 1, we jogged back up the hill and entered the minimart shamelessly.. well.. at least I did! Ohhohoh!! I actually came in and kept repeating 'Nak Cornetto, nak Cornetto!' (translation: 'I want Cornetto, I want Cornetto!') ^.^ And so Ahmadsyah treated me and Ana Vanilla Cornettos... Yeahhh!! Thank you Ahmadsyah!
So me and Ana went back to our rooms, laughing and giggling for the sugar rush. Back in our room... hung around in front of the pc.. chatted a bit.. then opened our book, Multimedia PC with the notes and past questions that we exchanged around with some dear friends.. (Thanx Majin.. Thanx Fariz!! ^o^)
And so.. I was pretty hyper in that dead of night as Ana gets sleepy. She dozed off around 5 and I slept next to her 'coz I was bored not long after that. Hihhihik!
Then.. the morning.. Fina came back.. ^.^ and then Sheeya! ^.^ BJ was already in MMU that night.
Computer Graphics was rather interesting.. Pardon me for saying so, but I smiled all the way as I was answering all those questions. I was undeniably amused! I mean, other than I can actually ANSWER some of the questions, I actually had some IDEAS to bantai for the essay part! So, it was quite fun.. Hihhik! ^.^
Well... tonight.. I'd have to say that it started off boringly.. But it just gets better!! Around 9 I got to chat with Hanis.. (miss you LOAAADDSS!!) Around 10.. went to get some food... (THANK YOU SHEEYA FOR THE LOAN!!) Hihhihik.. Then, even though I was a bit heart broken around that time 'coz someone said something to me... the night was still okay!
Went to get some shut eye as I waited for Ana to settle down with her chat as we planned to wash our clothes. She said I actually looked creepy when I got up 'coz I was grinning widely.. Hihhihi! So anyway, grabbed our dirty clothes.. our Dinamos.. and headed towards the toilet! Hihhi.. We were having loads of fun washing the clothes 'coz we just sat on the floor.. getting our a$$es wet ^o^ and sang to some songs that we weren't sure of the lyrics. Hihhik! So then.. finished washing around 2:30 and we headed to the pipes with our shower stuff and kain batik and bathe!! Ahhahha!! Can you imagine? Two girls, having a bath under the pipes with batik.. laughing their heads off 'coz they knew it was silly! We acted like real kampung girls.. I mean, seriously.. the shower 'cube' is just beside us! ^.^ But heck! Getting silly is just down-right FUNNNN!! Though.. neither me or Ana can confirm that we'll do it again next time.. Hihhihik!
And so.. the time now is 5 am and I'm sleepy.. and sadly, HUNGRYYYY!!
Papa please I need some money over here!! Tinggal syiling je nihh ehh!! TULUUNNN!
I'll be staying here in MMU 'til Tuesday... hihhik! Well, as if there's anything much to do if I go home rightaway.......
Oh well... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU HANIS!! Guess I just have to wait two more weeks!!
EVIL TWIN!!! Missing you like crazy!!! Can't wait to get together and finish all those junkies at your house!! Bile nak jumpe saing nihhh??!!

I'm broke... I'm missing my old friends... and I'm gonna miss my friends over here... Pathetic?? Heck!! Nights are still wonderful... ^.^


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