Friday, August 09, 2002

I still pick my friends over YOU
Cayang Azraai!! What a good friend you are..
Azraai came over to MMU just now! He had some 'thingy' in Putrajaya so he decided to come and visit! Hihhi..!
Pretty sleepy to be honest.. I was awoken by Rai's phone call.. and I was like rushing over to the toilet and get ready.. Kawan nak datang takkan nak hegeh² kan? Then Ahmadsyah knew I was going to meet Rai, so he wanted to see him as well! ^.^ Which then he brought along Fariz.. Ihhihihik!
Silly really.. Rai wanted to look around so I did show him around.. pretty much like a tour guide but then he said it was embarrassing! Chit!
So anyway, he left around 12.. without even seeing Kak Yan 'coz she was SLEEPING!! I need my brushes pleaaaaaaaaase! ^.^
Oh shoot, just remembered I haven't hung my clothes I washed last night.. Hihhi!! (gosh, washing is tiring!)
Be back later.... I think!

but what if YOU are my friend?


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