Monday, August 12, 2002

Rainbows in my eyes
Such a lazy and nerve wrecking day it is..!! Slept around five in the morning and woke up around ten. Didn't even went to consultation for Fundamental! And I skipped both of my Maths class! Sorry Papa.. didn't mean to! The day was too hot and I was soooooooo dehydrated, no one could imagine!
Well, at least I've finished most of my Fundamental work!
Just got back from the creative expression thingy! Hihhi.. Mine was the first one.. so I stayed to see the others' performance. Some of them were absolutely GREAAAAATT!! Poor Fina for waiting so long for her group's turn but it didn't came 'coz it was getting too late. Can't wait for tomorrow!! ^.^ Fina, Mya and Sheeya will be on tomorrow while Ana on Wednesday along with Ahamdsyah and Fariz!! Ekekkekke! Azura and BJ's gonna be on Thursday!
Anyway, I just wanna say that I felt horribly nervous before the thingy started. But I tried my best to lead the nervousness into hyper.. Hihhi! And guess what? Fina did said that I didn't look nervous at all.. and just plain HYPER! Hihhihi.. Anyways.. can't say anything much about my own performance since I don't know what it looked like. Though, Dani's fighting scene was hilarious! Hihihi!! Anyway, I'm having a bit of a headache so I should get some rest.. Yeah yeahh!! I can relax a bit now! Though, I need to finish my essay by tomorrow! Sheesh!
Anyway people!! To my friends who went and see my group's performance.. do comment!! I want to know how it looked like.. Hihi!! Just type something out in the chatterbox, wokie?!

And now, all I have to worry about is MATHS!!


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