Thursday, August 15, 2002

Daku Memandu Diriku Gila
Fuhuhh! This one is a late update!
Submitted my final Fundamental project and English portfolio yesterday. And I officially dislikes Mastura!! Urghhh!! She looked at my work and told me to put it aside unenthusiatically!! CRAP! And Hanafiah is also crappy!! He just doodled on Sheeya's as he commented on it!! Sheeya was really pissed and upset. After all, everything is going pretty wrong for her. She'd lost her wallet! But Hanafiah really went over board, of course that's the risk of being an FCM student.. but the things he said... CRAP!! Musuh salah satu diantara kita adalah musuh kita semua Hihhihik! This Indonesian movie has affected us so much! ^.^ *Mastura and Hanafiah are our lecturers*
I'm barred from the exam! ^o^ 'Coz I just paid the hostel fees... hihhi! It'll be fine! ^.^
Went to see Ana's play last night. Gosh, she was cute!! Even though she had forgotten some of her lines.. Hihhi.. it was really cute! ^.^
And BJ and Azura will be on tonight! Waaaa! I need batteries for the camera but I'm broke!! Uhhu!! This SUX!
Anyway, when all the plays ended, went back to our room a while, thinking that I should study or just go to sleep. Then they said they were going to grab a bite at Shah Alam. Hihhi, apalagi!! so I followed.. Went by two cars.. Amal's and Sheeya's. *Amal is Fina's boyfriend ~ who came to visit!* We went to Cafe 13th which is around the stadium.. It was pretty neat! The place was nice..! Hihhi... And we got back around two am.. Had to write our names on that stupid book. Hihhi!! ~Ehemm~

Bosan aku dengan penat
Dan enyah saja kau pekat
Seperti berjelaga jika kusendiri


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