Monday, August 26, 2002

A great burden have been lifted! Yeahh!
Not going to Melaaaakaaaaaaaaaa!!! Hihhhihihihik! Seriously, I think I should be disappointed for the last minute cancel but somehow I felt happy for it. Why ahh?? Does anyone have a theory for it?? Hihhihihik!
Anyway, I guess it doesn't feel right as we got news that Fina can't go on with the trip on Saturday.. I mean, me and Ana were going along mostly because of her! Hihhi.. since she wanted to surprise Amal with her presence and when we got the news that she wasn't going.. Me and Ana looked at each other.. Hihhihihi!
So anyway, then Azura felt sick this morning.. so wokie!! Another good reason for not going! ^.^
Oh well.. so I should be around today, wokie!
(if I'm not sleeping that is! I just had three hours of sleep..)

Why ahh? Why ahh? Why ahh???


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