Wednesday, February 25, 2004

f r a g i l e

am i really????
that's a bummer, honestly. feels like.. entahlah!

prisca led me into this. tells your personality (so it said, at least) according to your zodiac sign and blood group. since i never knew my blood type (supposedly either A, B or AB) i asked prisca which one sounded more like me, and she said the one with this line;
The first impression that people get is that you are fragile. They find this need to protect you.
rosie said she once thought of me that way as well...
rase lembik.. verrrry lembikkk!!
must be something i did or didn't do that made them ever thought that way.. bluerthhh~! still need to know my blood group, though! lama btol curiosity ni left, hung! did all those check-ups but i still don't know what's my blood group. merepek btol.
anyways, the rest of my line goes this way though;
But they are startled once they see your strength. New friendships seem to make you stronger.
macam.. it makes the whole line become somewhat as if a ray of sunlight coming through some dark clouds.. heehee.. at least it is to me. :D :D

isyk.. i feel like there's so much things to tell but somehow i can't put them into words..

okay, things i've been doing;
been spending most of the day with hobbitses dearest. yesterday and today.. buat macam macam but i don't feel like talking much 'bout that one. (go check prisca's or rosie's blog) all i want to say is that i had a good time yapping with them.. and i managed to get a rhumba earlier today! :x
it's a shame we keep forgetting to bring along a camera. :(

i'm talking again to mama.. (since last night!) :D wait until she sees the digicam.. surely i won't be talking/can't talk to her again! ekkekeke! haiyyo!!! :-S

Is it wise enough to say
That I’m better off without you
Is it cool enough to fake
'cause all that I’ve been breathing is about you

Is it wise enough to flow (flowing down)
From the head until my toes
But somehow I don’t really know
All that I’ve been doing is without you

i was... halfway to typing something to someone some minutes ago. but somehow i 'backspaced' the whole line the second after. somehow it seemed hard to say something out of the blue.. been a bit quiet eh these days?
entah kenapa..
but biarlaaah~
i have nothing much to say, pon. don't feel like making myself stupid just to create a conversation.
so, biarkan.

And on and on my mind keeps saying
This is not what I believe in
This is where it ends
And on and on my mind's made up
And that is why it never stops

head's spinning.
if it weren't for the hobbitses.. i would've stayed offline the whole day long. can't find any reason to stay glued to the screen. i prefer lying in bed for hours these days. if i'm lucky enough i'll doze off.

(ps: sorry hobbitses! sometimes i'm not answering 'coz i am offline.. not just in an invisible mode.. korang miskol lah if anything, ek! i'll be online if i can :D)
i am waaaaay behind on my assignments. running out of time..!!!
and i hate that.
currently worrying about the voice-over assignment, the 1200-1400 words of essay, video clip and creative communication's assignment that i knew nothing about!!!!!

die. x_x

**a bit of update [12:45 am of FEB 26th]
just did a bit of light-reading about anemia. see here if you'd like to read more than just what i'm about to post.

go do a bit of check-up if you have most of these;
1. Extreme fatigue
2. Weakness
3. Shortness of breath
4. Confusion or loss of concentration
5. Dizziness or fainting
6. Pale skin, including decreased pinkness of the lips, gums, lining of the eyelids, nail beds and palms
7. Rapid heart beat (tachycardia)
8. Feeling cold
9. Sadness or depression
these are the major symptoms of anemia, okay!

die. still. x_x


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