Monday, February 16, 2004

love . love . life !

what daysss!!
okay! like i said, i have PLENTY of things to tell, but i'm not really sure i remember all the details now.. :D

had a Jolly-Jumaat with the hobbitses.. (somewhat like Ritual Rabu.. spent time together!) in MVU. went out around 2 and had laksa for lunch.. yes.. laksa... i don't adore it as much as lily and prisca does.. but yeah.. i had laksa with them. memula tanye rosie if she's eating, ('coz she doesn't 'adore' it too) but since i was sooooooo hungry.. lantak lah, suka ke tak.. me and rosie ordered as well.. but then lily and prisc finish the laksa for me.. heehee! (i can't finish it!) and then went around.. lily wanted to buy some clothes for a party that night.
fellowship of the ring~! much adored laksa by asha and bahijah! having a laugh looking at things in FOS

so we left mvu around 6.. (though lily planned to go out at 7!!) and all of us got stuck in a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE traffic jamm! hahhaha!! kinda funny remembering it now.. patience really is a virtue, 'aight? and i don't think all four of us had any! hahahha!! well, except rosie maybe. i didn't hear any single curse come out from her mouth that time. ekkeke! lily was like throwing her finger every 10 minutes (and we were practically stuck for 2 hours!!) and me and prisc kept dissing the other drivers. our favorite was this lady who kept her distance waaay apart that some cars managed to cut through the line!! memang kene diss abes lahh! hahahha!!
and then there's this one time when we roll down the window and screamed out.. it was HOT and BORING and everything crappy!! and surely.. what we did, attracted some attention of other cars.. hahhaa! sebook aje!
around 8, mama called me and said, "be ready at 8:05!" so i was like.. HAAAA?????? i'm not even in cyber yet!!! adohh~! gelabah betul rasa.. 'coz papa hated waiting.. we arrived around 8:15 after dropping off prisca and me and lily ran to our block (parked at hb4). i made a short stop at papa's car (they're already there.. papa's really on-time, y'know!) and sprinted to my room..

letihhh!! and sangat kocohh!! tak sempat nak type blog.. and i was even planning of a special v-day entry!! guess i have to post-poned it to next year.. hahahha!!

Sentimental-Saturday..? ekekke!! a nice valentine's day spent with old friends..
got to see ruby and rosie.. spent some hours in our hang-out time skolah dulu.. KOMPLEKS PKNS!! wahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahah!!! it's such a lame "mall" compared to mvu.. but heyy! time skola dulu best tau lepak situu!! ahhahahahhahahahhahaha!! anyways!! it's still a neat time spent. catch up on things.. some that made me happy and glad.. some that confuses me.. just things!
though it felt a bit different with ruby.. well, it's been AGES since i last talked to her.. and i have to say that she's no longer my "twin", nu-uhh~ she's... simply different!
it's a wonder how you thought that you knew one person when the fact is that you really don't!!
breaks my heart, really.. but heyy! it's out of my control.. :)
musz @ McD! the case of taking our own pic hanis @ McD!

anyways!! me and rosie were there since 12, ruby joined us at 2.. we went back around 4:30! and what's neat was that we walked back home! it really felt like when we were in school days.. hehhe!
happy happy day!!

rosie had a majlis of some sort!! hahahha!!! funny.. she invited her friends for a "kenduri" but it didn't look any like the kenduri i went before. hahhahahahha!! sunyi sungguh!! ekkekeke!! well, it was mostly for her family members to come down and say their good-byes to rosie. (she's leaving on a jet plane!!) lily was there as well!! (lily BRAMBLE and not BUMBLEROOT) -sorry, i'm confusing you with these hobbitses name, aren't i?- if it helps by any chance.. i'm not talking about any of the mmu hobbitses during this weekend entry, okie? :D
zul was there as well.. (rosie's boyfriend) merepek merepek ngan dia like last time.. (kinda like him 'coz he's pretty cool for rosie!) usik usik rosie that i'll keep 'company' of zul when she's away! *winks* ekkeke!
catch up with lily as rosie talked to her guests. *missing them all still!!!* ohh!! two of my old teachers came.. they didn't remember my name.. and so did i!! HAHHAHAHAH!!! bongok sungguh la saye ni! there's this one time i said to zul that one of the teachers was a maths teacher.. but i couldn't remember if she taught me before.. so i asked rosie what did she teach.. and she said PHYSICS! hahhahahahhaha!! i laughed, and was laughed AT. ekkekeke!! ye yeee je konfiden ajar maths! bluerthhh~! me and my crappy memory! :-S
hanis + zul dayat, hanis and me~

was there 'til 4 something.. said goodbye to her but promised to send her next sunday.
had papa send lily to the commuter.. probably seeing her later in the week.. :)

practically.. i had a great weekend.. after all, petunia is at home laaaa!!!!! :x :x
i am so lucky.. just last week i mentioned about missing some people, and i actually get to see them during the weekend!! :x

so today!! skipping mlh as usual.. heehee! mane ntah sumer orang nihh :-S but my thoughts now is occupied by the thought of rosie leaving.. aduhaaai~ kurang lah bilangan kawan yang tak seberape nih.. :( it's usually me or her that will be enthusiastic to get a get-together with the all four.. but now that she's leaving to ni-hon.. hummph~
kyotsukete ne oneechan!!!
wish that i have the whole week to myself so i can just waste my time talking to her so i won't miss her so badly.. :|

from an's:
Knight and shining armour, I am. Strong, brave and cunning for I shall in need of it to defend my King and country. Riding swift with my white horse (kude puteh) and haunt em down. Die, die you enemy of the King, for I shall give or show no mercy. Muahaha. Fear not of your safety, Prince Shahnon, Lady Yukira and Courtesan Wanie for I am your shield.
tak tahan btol!! :p (this is also on yukira's! hehhe!)
Knight An, are you sure you'll be there to defend the King, the Prince or the Lady when you're spending time with me?? (kate Courtesan.. goda~ goda~~) ahhahahaha!! :))

oh.. to prisca and drogo..
happy 1st anniversary~!!!!
(February 15th)
you two are the coolest couple i've ever got to know.. keep it up!!!
so proud of you two... :D :D

giggle.giggle. life's actually great!


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