Tuesday, February 24, 2004

more yago!!

hahhaha!! getting pretty crazy with this dude!!
anyways! i've compiled the yagos me and the hobbitses did!! :D
this is one entertaining assignment! :D

alaa..mane duit ilang niee huaaa~ nak huggg ee busuk, takmo kawan! boncit btol kuiz tadi! grr! hiyaaaap~ matrix! yeahh~ best! assalamualaikum pakcikk! baaaaa!!! huwarghhhh~!! owhhh!! wooh~! let's jiggy!!

anyways, quiz went horrible! i was clueless most of the time so i settled with things that kinda fits into the blank spaces. ekkeke!! *tuk*
just now hung about in rosie's room. (mimi konon sedang kat kelas!) ekkeke! see her as she did her yago, which was horribly hilarious!! yago yang menari tu rosie yang punya.. tak tahan btol!! then, when walking to buy food at hb3, us both sempat menjadi yago seketika. heehee~ twisted our body in some ways 'cause both of us weren't sure which way to go. heehee..
anyways!! enough of laughing at my own jokes.. i should get some rest!! just had 3 hours of sleep since yesterday..



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