Thursday, February 19, 2004

i should be ashamed..!

so it is somewhat the mid-term in mmu.. most students are busying theirselves with studying.. working on final projects.. or SUPPOSED to. hehhe! and here in hostel, i am living with two seniors from IT faculty; Kak Mai and Engine faculty; Kak Siti. Here.. i'm showing you a short 'presentation' on how things are in this room.. 3013 yee.. to those yang nak anta love letter ke.. make sure it gets to the right room aaa.. 3013.. hahhaha!!
click on thumbnails for a better view..
kak mai's
this is kak mai's desk.. tidy.. and a bit odd 'coz she places her pc under the table.. cool actually.. (i think she should be in FCM! hahahha!!) the reason is so that she can fully utilize her desk for studying.. neat, huh?

kak siti's
on kak siti's there are some papers of notes lying around, sure! she needs to study, after all she IS taking some hard subjects!

what book?? what notes?? what study???? hahhahaha!! honestly.. there's just LOAAAADS of crap on my table!! the only book that is showing is my 5th HP book! :)) i'm actually doing you a favor since i save you guys from looking in my drawers! HAHHAHAHA!!

so that's it! it IS as simple as that.. :))

yeah, i should be ashamed of myself for having all my stuff all over the desk.. (and still losing things!) but i dont! ekekkeke!!
anyways.. a bit boring right now.. (the reason why i took the desks' pix)
a bit lucky today since i get to submit my photo!! yeaaaaaaaaayyyy~!!! but chematto seemed a bit reluctant to let me pass, really. he kept pondering aloud if i was using the right grammar.. luckily encik zul said it's acceptable.. but could've been better.. :D chematto manje!! :)) :p
so.. i owe this one to MAJINNNNN!!! thank you abang besa!!! :D :D

good luck for tomorrow, lily and rosie!!! abang besa jugeee!! yosh~! ;)

okay, pondering if i better go back home or not.. still have that green model to do (which is dued next TUESDAY!) and if i went back, surely i get back here on MONDAY! hahahhahaha!! *sweat*
adohh~ pemalasnyeeeee!! *tuk* (geram!!)

just got an sms from belba.. she's finally hired!!!! going to start work on march 1st in port klang! woo~hoo!!! do you know what this meansss??? this means that she'll get payed!! and when that happens.. she gets money!!! and know what she's gonna do with that money?? SHE'S GONNA BUY THIS BABY SISTER OF HERS SOME NICE THINGS LAAAHHHHHH!!! HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!! gosh~!!! thursday IS my lucky day.. :p (selang beberapa minggu sekali, laa.. heehee~)
wonder how petunia's gonna be right then, though...



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