Tuesday, February 03, 2004

hammock story

lily's great!!
silap.. lily's car is great!!

we spent an hour in cyber lounge acting like we're a guest there.. hehhe! sorry prisca!! it was totally out of the plan. we could've drove back to hostel after sending you to cyberia but entah cemane gatal kate, "jom amek angiiin~!" and so we went pusing pusing.. listened to lily's dream house.. on her dream location.. (wished we were rich!! hehhe) and then make a stop at cyber lounge.
mula mula nak tengok the award winning garden(?).. then we walked along the pool (ade mamat sedang mandi seihhh!! HAHHAHA!!) there was tattoo on his left shoulder.. and dia pakai spentot! AHHAHAH!! klakar btol.. remembering lily said, "aww.. he's not even good-looking" hahha!! kesian mamat tu..
and then, at that place got some hammock lahh!! so neattt!! me and lily talked and talked as we watched the sky turned dark. (macam sesuai buat ngan couple!! hahahhah!!!!) the place was neat!! and we got to see the first glimpse of the moon!! romantic seihhh~!! love lily! :x ekkeke!! we're SO right for each other!! :x

anyways!! malam ni eating dinner with just lily.. prisca will be out with drogo.. :)
sleepy.. but i still have much things to work on!!


just got back from our so-called dinner!! hahahha!!
i practically spent the whole day talking to lily!! bosan betul.. ekkeke!! of course not!! :x
first went to malee.. sekali bumped into prisca and drogo pula! got our seats, tak sampai 2 minutes, we got up and got into the car again! hahaha!! dua dua terasa nak berjalan jauh!
so we end up in 15 (lagi!!!) but concluded our dinner-adventure with a waffle each from A&W. hohohoho!!

lily's car is very dangerous!!
it kept calling us to get on it!!

ps: dah tak tensen pasal mayaa~!! tengkiu dar! wanie dah tak pening dahhh.. :x

[ finished on 1:19 am of February 4th ]


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