Monday, February 09, 2004

kelisa kecil menjadi saksi..

when you have a love story.. the moon will be the witness.
but since we (hobbitses) made a different story tonight.. lily's car became our witness!!
ekkekeke! >:)
prisca and rosie lah niee! lily was the good sister.. watched us as we did our "thing" while i'm like the very-easy-to-persuade sister. honestly.. all they have to do is reach their hand, and i'll just grab it! hohoho!
but heyy! taking prisca's words.. live life.. try everything that you can! 'aight sis? :D

had an "entertaining" afternoon.. felt foolish for getting all angry tadi.. it was what i felt.. but not anymore lahh! just praying that God won't show me things that i don't want to see again. it'll break me apart for sure.. :(

butter butter butter
taco taco taco
ekkeke!! suddenly remembered creative communications' class in the late afternoon. fariz sebut takde feel!! hahhaha!! apelaa mrs. zaiha..

after class me and funguses (fungusAMONGUS; our media production team) had a meeting that last for about an hour. (record!!) that was the first time that we manage to hold a meeting that lasted less than two hours!! heeheee~!! had things to decide.. some detailed planning.. :) ohh!! had late lunch/early dinner in hb3 earlier and some funny things happened!! ohh!! but takdelaa funny sangat.. 'coz PEOPLE!! BE AWARE!! lain kali makan, check if there's unwanted insects in your food! tadi ade lalat dalam makanan priscaaaa... haaaaa!! *eeeeeeeeee* menakutkan!! so, careful people!!!
so anyways! at the end of the meeting, siape ntah brought up the idea of going to pyramid to get a mood ring! hahhaa!! (prisca already have one; she bought it yesterday!) so we (hobbitses) kinda ran to the car and started the "journey". ekkeke!!
now everyone has one!! hahhahaa!!
current ring color : blue (don't know what that means!)

okehh! tired! still got things to do! maya.. copywriting.. ever after!! hahhahaa!!!

geram.. tapi biarlaaah~
i should speak less and less of you


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