Monday, February 09, 2004

shahnon gile! :p

jangan kawan ngan dia X( hahahhaa!! jahat jahaaaaat!!

just got back! [10:40 am]
and should be getting ready for class 'coz it's 11:04 now!! hahahha!! (my class is on 11!) but i'm waiting prisca for the moment.. :D
had a pretty good weekend. slept through all the afternoon! hahhaha! and telly wasn't so bad, huh? Survivor is back!! it's disappointing how samboga kept being sent to the tribal council when they have rupert and ethan on the tribe. sheesh!! DISAPPOINTING!! kinda hard to pick a favorite this time 'round.. used to like very much colby, ethan and rupert! but i want that richard to lose!!! bluerghhh!! he's DISGUSTING.. getting all nude.. walking around. HAHHAHA!! i laugh about it 'coz it's disgusting.. pelik tak? heehee~
but jeff probst was FINE wasn't he?? that time in tribal council when it was raining... gaa~ gaaa~ arrrRrrR~ HAHHAHAHA!! sorry..! i like him very verrrrry much and he doesn't look bad at all, wet! HAHHAHAH!! :x :x
anyways!! nothing much to tell about the weekend, really.. but here's what i have;

thurdsday : mama's office was boring and her computer is too demm slow!
friday : phoebe as a mermaid? ha-ha!!
saturday : "Perhaps you will resolve to 'go steady' but be sure of it. If not, don't make the resolution" ha-ha!!
sunday : sleep sleeeeeep!!

gotta go!!
prisca is at stad!!


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