Wednesday, February 11, 2004

...something must be very wrong with me

just woke up from a sleep 'coz prisca been calling (but said nothing!)
still haven't animate anything for maya..
and my friends have been awake to finish their animations (as i sleep!)
hummph... rase terok 'coz i didn't feel the slightest guilt when i went to sleep and actually plan to get up when i do.. huhuuu... terokkkk!!
but heyy.. i'm awake now.. :|

suddenly brushed with a bad-mood-wind. bluerthhhh!!
[5:23 am]

SOOOO!! upset (angry kind of upset) with maya!!! tried to make the ball move but it won't budge even one bit!!! (perhaps i am a bit cow on this.. but fukk lahh!!!!!!!) vavi la ko satu satu, pedulik ape aku!! die~! honestly.. it just ticks me more than making me worry.. die~! (not me, maya!)
pe - du - likkk !!!!!!!
better do something else that has a rather calming effect on me than this stupid stupid thing that just pisses me off!!!
dari aritu.. been "angry" with maya ek? not "worry" at all.. gila kot.. :|
marahnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! marah sampai nangis... a*hole!!!!!!!!

welcome back~ foul-mouth!
[6:21 am]

good morning..! (good?? yeah right!!)
calmed myself by sleeping :)) now i'm calm enough to look at maya again after another 3 hours of sleep. so calm that my stupidity doesn't bother me at all!! i've resolute to do what i can.. send in what i have.. animated or not! :)) gambler.. perhaps! i should be a gemini for that. :))
honestly i'm really a cow at this thing!
so anyways.. should get back to trying to make the ball at least roll over instead of bouncing at the same spot in slow motion! hahahha!! ngok betol~!

but i do feel like going back to sleep 'coz the 'sakit ati' feeling is building up again
[10:37 am]

huuuuuge thanks to the hobbitses!!! don't know what i'd do without you.. well, i do! but.. you guys are such a huuuuge help!!!! i know i'm a lazy cow, no doubt about that.. and you peeps still help me.. :"> don't know what else to say...
thank youuuuuu!!!
(submitted maya!)
now my only job is to print out my name for the photo i'm about to send tomorrow... *sigh* wondering if the lecturers will accept the tagline i am using.. :-S
Because football is getting boring.

i owe my media animation grades to the hobbitses
[3:29 pm]

lapa lapa lapaaa... sangat lapaaa~!!
loading up with sugar as i eat some oreos. nak turun, but malas! dahlaa tak mandi laie! HAHAHHA!! syhhhh~! :-$ went to media animation without having a bath (tak sempaaat!!) but i looked as if i had my shower.. so tak kesah la! hahhaha!! :)) so, since i'm having a lazy wave right now.. i'm going to eat up what ever i have around the room. heehee~ :D
alang alang, nanti mandi petang terus..! :))
uploaded the pictures from ritual rabu.

shiver shiver
[5:55 pm]


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