Thursday, February 12, 2004

short short

not in the mood to talk much.. but i feel like blogging.. so here;

photo rejected for EVERYTHING but i'm not cursing, no. still giggling about to be honest. but right now, i'm having a minor headache.. don't know what else i can write for the caption. :|

i prefer the printing-shop guy than chematto. :p

prisca & rosie are so neat to waste time with!! (we had to wait for 3 hours before submitting, so we entertained each other pretty well while the wait) thanks hobbitsess! :D

shivered during studio 'coz it was soooo cold and i was soooo hungry!!! (seb baik perut tak bunyi time beratur! :">) my palms were white without blood! (okaay, ade reason lain for that too)

had roti bakar telur afterwards in FCMcafe

mood ring turned to real purple during studio!! how cool was that??? i had blue, dark blue, purplish-grey and purple today! so neat!! :x :x

now i have two regrets.. should've stick to my first instinct before going out tadi.. :( hummph! murtad kah saye?? i read horoscopes and tarots for my hobby and i celebrated valentine's before with my favorite friends. come on!! i don't think any of that is wrong 'coz i only do it for fun.. and come on!! who thinks of that valentine guy when they're celebrating their love? sheesh! love should be celebrated everyday, yes.. but who can afford to do special things everyday?? :D i may be too "open minded" (not sure if i'm using the right term, really) to some.. but heyy! i still know the right from wrong, and it's fine with me.. no one else should care too much! ekkeke :p
so.. valentine's anyone?? :D (malay: hari kekasih; and not hari memperingati valentine)

ohh! majin.. jahat! X( u read me well aa? :p

and tariq ialah seorang yang perasan! :)) and he's related to rosie too!! (no wonder, aa?) ekekke!!

bullfrog (frog, i say.. nothing else!)


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